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How Teknox used efficiency and innovation to deal with component washing issues at Milan’s ATM maintenance facilities

Today we present the success story of Teknox, a top Italian company located in Budrio, Bologna, leader in the design and manufacture of industrial washing facilities for the automotive, aerospace and mining sectors for the past 50 years. Teknox - robur 2b DGT
Three main factors made the difference over the competition:
1. innovative product technology leading to superior performance as compared to traditional manufacturing standards and precision washing according to the cleanliness criteria specified by the major automobile manufacturers;
2. customized solutions and a reliable, efficient and effective pre- and post-sale service worldwide;
3. environmentally friendly washing systems designed by Teknox engineers.
The combination of these three elements was decisive in getting the ATM of Milan to choose Teknox for its maintenance facilities.

What demand made by the client presented the greatest challenge?Teknox-P3070032

The client needed to completely revamp its obsolete washing technology.
In order to understand the magnitude of the challenge, it is necessary to clarify that the ATM maintenance facilities are responsible for:
a) 1500 buses, with 150 kinematic units (for example, motors and gearboxes) and respective buses completely overhauled each year;
b) 1,500 trams and subway trains, with nearly 150 cars completely revised each year.
As the facilities are located inside the city, special care was taken in setting up procedures, both technically and environmentally speaking.

 What were the main issues?

Teknox was called upon to deal with issues that were manifold, complex and different for each of the two maintenance facilities (buses versus trams and subway cars). Camser - teknox automotive0
As for the bus maintenance facility, Teknox had to find a more efficient and effective (internal and external) washing solution for components of engines to be overhauled – which were very different from each other (gears, thrust bearings and bus joints) – before and after repairs.
As for the trams and subway cars maintenance facility, Teknox had to study an (internal and external) washing solution that could work for all of the 5 work areas, each of which overhauls different groups and sizes of components.
In addition, the environmental impact of the washing process needed to be further reduced.

What solutions were proposed and what factors allowed Teknox to get the job?

Teknox came up with innovative and customized technological solutions. It designed and manufactured washing devices for parts

Teknox calibrated washing
Teknox calibrated washing

and metals capable of cleaning inner  and outer mechanical components thoroughly, including in response to the different characteristics of the tram facility work areas. The systems designed by Teknox incorporate knowledge developed through years of positioned washing research. Following are a few examples of the solutions adopted for the bus facility: the old systems used a few flat spray nozzles, now the machines installed use a ramp with several calibrated nozzles, high pressure (around 9 bar), drum rotation, a large volume of recirculated cleaning solution and continuous double filtration. Thanks to the calibrated nozzle, the surface of the pieces can be reached without breaking the cleaning solution, so that mechanical energy is exploited in an optimal way to dislodge dirt. The same dirt is then removed immediately from the washed surfaces thanks to the large volumes of solution employed.

What advantages did the client obtain by entrusting the job to Teknox?

A custom washing solution ensuring greater reliability was designed and implemented for each department, thanks in part to a careful selection of raw materials and in-house components design.


Teknox - high pressure pump
Teknox – high pressure pump

According to the head of ATM Milano’s facility “The new systems actually work without the need for constant human supervision and the results, in terms of washing quality cycle times and maintenance, improved dramatically as compared to the previous situation. The new machine installed in the bus facility still works alongside with an older machine and therefore, we are well aware of the advantages achieved thanks to our investment.”

According to the head of ATM Milano’s mechanical facility “As per the bus maintenance facility, the washing system allows us to fully exploit the physical-chemical synergies involving the cleaning product, mechanical energy, thermal energy (washing at 80° C), and continuously recirculated volumes of solution, after double mechanical filtration. Consider that the pieces are normally highly contaminated with oil, in some cases tarry residues and grease. The machine is equipped with a continuously operating oil separator. Given the large contamination of the pieces that we wash, we perform a complete refurbishment of the wash tank weekly. After reassembling the different components, an appropriate test section allows us to certify the success of our revision operations.”
As for the tram facility, each machine was sized and equipped according to the different categories of pieces and their respective work areas. The TEKNOX engineers customized different washing solutions, working constructively with the client’s technical staff.

The new technologies allow ATM facilities to work in perfect conformity with environmental protection regulations by reducing the impact on the environment and further improving worker safety levels.
Generally speaking, what are the distinctive features of Teknox?

  1. Over 50 years experience in the design of special washing systems tailored for the specific needs of our customers, pertaining to the mechanical parts of the major automotive, aerospace and mining companies;
  2. Machine washing technologies along with highly innovative and constantly evolving systems
  3. Washing accuracy and cleanliness according to the specifications of the major automobile manufacturers;
  4. Strict compliance with European international safety standards (GOST, CE, CC and UL);
  5. Total reliability. Components are designed and raw materials are carefully selected to ensure that our washing systems last longer;
  6. Pre- and post-sales client support to customers, both commercial and technical, with turn-key service.

In summation, what are the main strengths of Teknox?

Research and Innovation

Constant attention to researching new solutions and collaboration with highly specialized resources has allowed Teknox to design highly innovative solutions in the course of time.

Customized solutions and excellent service
For over 50 years, Teknox has been designing and manufacturing washing systems while offering a before and after sales service that is very popular with our clients all over the world.

Strict compliance with international safety and environmental standards
Strict compliance with European and international safety standards (GOST, CE, CC and UL) as well as a strong environmental protection awareness built into our systems by our engineers are another distinguishing feature much appreciated by our clients.
Teknox’s past clients include the most important car and railway companies in Europe, Rome’s line C subway, the railways of Madrid and Moscow, etc.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to hear from you.
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