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Case study: how RIBO solved successfully the problem of metallic shaving vacuuming within Diesel marine engine production process

Today we introduce the RIBO case study success story. RIBO specializes in designing and manufacturing of industrial vacuum cleaners for metal working industry. Briefly, this case study shows how the capability to give innovative and customized answers to the most probing requirements allowed to carry out successfully the most useful and winning solutions for a leading company in marine engines production. The solution developed by RIBO grants an outstanding satisfaction level to the Customer. Here below we summarize the benefits quickly (more detailed description to follow):

  1. Reduced cost: shorter preparation time throughout the different phases of the production process;
  2. Considerable reduction of accident/injury risk for the Operator (the vacuuming operations replaced the use of compressed air);
  3. Quicker reset of the machinery after each working phase;
  4. Improved removing/collection of the working scrap for the subsequent waist/recovery operations.

Here with us today we have Mosè Rizzi (co-owner and Marketing Manager at RIBO): while thanking him, we are going to ask him for some detailed questions, in order to comprehend the key elements making the Customer choosing the RIBO solution eventually.

What was the challenging Customer’s requirement for RIBO?

Ribo vacuuming automatic equipment (workshop snapshot) - Camser
Fig. 1 – Workshop snapshot (automatic equipment)

The Customer, the Italian branch of a historical manufacturer of huge size engines for marine applications (cargo, cruise, oil ship, etc.) carries out the metalworking phases of the production process within its premises.

At the end of each working phase on the mechanical parts of the engine, it is necessary to remove the working scraps (metallic shaving) from each piece before proceeding to the subsequent one.
The Customer asked us to study and carry out a performing and effective solution to be integrated within their production line.

What were the main issues?

The huge size of marine engine may cause several issues:

Camser - Ribo Case Study - Marine engine
Fig. 2 – Marine engine, image by Terry Whalebone
  • It is necessary to vacuum a big quantity of working scrap in a very short time;
  • The distance between the actual vacuuming point and the place were the vacuum cleaner is located is considerable, and may cause a performance leak due to the length of the hose path;
  • Some operation is carried our manually by the Operator, while some other is operated automatically. A proper vacuuming in any part of the piece needs to be granted in both cases;
  • The collection containers are needed not only to feature a suitable capacity for the huge quantity of material to be vacuumed, but also to be easy to handle for waist/recovering operation at the same time. For the automatically driven operations, the vacuumed material needs to be quickly and easily unloaded into a dedicated collection vat.

So, what solutions did RIBO propose, and what factors did allow RIBO to gain this business?

To solve such problems and to comply with the Customer’s requirements properly, RIBO designed a dedicated vacuuming solution, integrating manual and automatic operating.

In details:

RIBO-Manual vacuuming station - Camser
Fig. 3 – Manual vacuuming station
  1. We supplied high-power industrial vacuum cleaners, able to remove quickly a huge quantity of metallic shavings through a particularly long hose path (up to 20m);
  2. For manual operations, we supplied a fully-customized hose support structure, featuring am extremely flexible end in order to grant the easiest hose-handling to the Operator, without the weight of the entire hose path (Fig. 3);
  3. For automatic operations, we supplied a dedicated appliance featuring a fully-customized configuration, able to be interfaced to the main control consolle, totally integrated in the structure/layout of the whole machinery (Fig. 4);
  4. The collection container of the metallic shaving features 450l capacity, comes with own wheels and is equipped with an overturning system for quick emptying (fig. 3);
  5. The appliance for the automatic machinery is equipped with a dedicated unloading device (Fig. 4).
RIBO Industrial vacuum cleaner for automatic machinery - Camser
Fig. 4 – Industrial vacuum cleaner for automatic machinery

How did the customer benefit by giving the job to RIBO?

Thanks to our solution, the Customer can obtain several benefits:

Ribo- Competitive Advantages

  1. Reduced preparation of the piece to be worked between the subsequent phases;
  2. Considerable reduction of accident/injury risk to Operator’s face/eye (vacuuming instead of compressed-air blowing);
  3. Quicker machinery reset;
  4. Optimized removing of vacuumed material for waist/recovering operations.

Moreover, the Customer particularly appreciates the modularity of the supplied appliances: since they use several units in different parts of their premises, the possibility to swap the single components between the different industrial vacuum cleaners allow them to reduce the machine-stop due to ordinary maintenance interventions.
The compact size (if compared to the production line) and the easy handling make the Customer able to move the industrial vacuum cleaners easily and quickly through the different departments, so optimizing the internal logistic time/cost.

In general, what are the distinctive features of RIBO?

Since 1968 RIBO has been developing and manufacturing industrial vacuum cleaners and vacuum technologies for industrial applications featuring the highest level of quality and reliability through the timeline.
The best way to show the fore points of RIBO is to describe in details how every single component of RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners is designed and manufactured:

1. SUCTION GROUPFeatures of -RIBO-industrial vacuum cleaner

  • Self-managing design and own-moulds production, according to own producing instructions, for a total control of the production proces
  • Fluid-dynamics analysis of the wings of the vacuuming fan, in order to optimise the speed-triangles vectors;
  • Strict selection of the motors (featuring the best reliability available);
  • Steel and aluminium alloy execution, with total absence of plastic parts, to grant reliability, robustness and performance over the time, reducing to the lowest maintenance operations also after longstanding use.


Wide range of filtering systems and filtering materials available, customisable in both filtering surface and shape, to allow the installation of the most proper filtering system for the characteristics of the material to vacuum, in order to grant vacuuming efficiency and safety.


Steel and aluminium alloy execution, to grant the highest toughness against mechanical wear and tear due to the connection inserting/releasing. The lock-ring connection system gives the absolute stress-resistance of this part, granting the functionality of the hose connection over the time


The 12/10mm thickness gives the highest strength of the parts where vacuum is generated within, granting an outstanding vacuuming performance and efficiency over the time, keeping it from every kind of damage due to wear and tear, shocks and incorrect use.


Strict selection of the materials (steel and aluminium alloy), structural over-dimensioning and total control of the production process (own-mould production) for the supporting parts, to grant an exceptional toughness and stress-resistance, making RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners perfectly suitable to heavy-duty applications, even in the hardest conditions.


  • Structural over-dimensioning (every single wheel could support the weight of the entire machine), to resist with no difficulty to the most extreme stress, even in the hardest weight conditions.
  • Bearing-wheels, to avoid incorrect consumptions and decentralizations compromising the wheels efficiency during the time.
  • Increased diameter (better rolling capability), to make handy even huge machines.

In summary, what are RIBO main strengths?

  1. Longstanding know-how in a wide range of industrial applications;Ribo Range of Industrial vaccuum cleaner
  2. Customized configuration, even in single-item production;
  3. Joint design and perfect integration within the production line;
  4. Flexible production for both small series and large batch optimization;
  5. Conformity to specific cluster/product regulations (dedicated Certificates available);
  6. Wide product range.

RIBO has been always taking the highest care to such inning features, achieving and keeping through the timeline a top market positioning and establishing strong and profitable cooperation worldwide with leading companies in several industries.

Here below a short presentation clip of RIBO

 Do you have a similar problem that you would like to solve? Write to us or contact Mosè Rizzi of RIBO