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The Power Skiving technology enables a much faster machining of internal and external gears than other available technologies, such as a driven gear-hobber or a driven slotting tool. However, up until now, this technology has always been exclusively implemented on very expensive dedicated gear cutting machines.

In a world first, M.T. Marchetti makes it possible to machine gear teeth using the Power Skiving unit directly on the standard CNC lathe, by means of a driven toolholder specifically dedicated to this process, which can be mounted on the driven turret of the CNC lathe.MT MARCHETTI - LATHE POWER SKIVING UNIT

The M.T. Marchetti lathe Power Skiving unit enables the machining of internal and external gears, both with straight and helical gear teeth, in shorter timeframes (8 times shorter with respect to other available technologies) and with quality and finishing levels comparable to those obtained with a gear teeth cutting machine.

The benefits you can obtain with this device are:

  • Machining of internal gears in significantly reduced timeframes compared to broaching
  • Machining of gears close to shoulders, without interference

The CNC lathe should be equipped with the polygon-cutting function enabled on the CNC.

M.T. Marchetti can provide the customer with a comprehensive solution: lathe Power Skiving unit, power skiving cutting-tool and machining parameters.

This new technology is an addition to the previously existing ones, i.e. external gear teeth cutting with the driven gear hobber and internal gear teeth cutting with the driven slotting tool, making M.T. the only company able to offer its customers a solution for every machining requirement in the gear toothing industry on CNC lathes.

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