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CHAMFERING TOOL BY SASSATELLI: a performance accessory!

Chamfering and deburring tool for holes such as: Seeger Ring holes, O-Ring seats, internal discharges or areas not accessible with traditional systems.
Each tool can be easily resharpened in HSS or MD for the machining of steels, alloys or plastic materials.
The tool’s rotation and advancement speeds are the same as drilling.
The chamfered edge and working depth may be adjusted.


In order to adjust the working depth, simply unscrew the locking ring that allows you to raise or lower the mandrel unit.
When depth is reached, depending on the thickness of the work piece, just screw back the locking ring to lock the mandrel unit.
Bring the stem into the hole and start the drill or the machine tool.
When the bushing rests on the work piece (always rotating in the same direction), the tool will be released gradually from the stem until it gets to the adjusted position while performing the requested chamfering.
When the desired spot facing is performed, simply release the pressure and the chamfering tool, which comes with a special spring, will pull the tool back in the stem.
Go in the opposite direction to remove the tool from the hole.