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Case Study: how the Positioner Genius 4X from Elbo is able to automate manual machine tools with a limited economic investment

Today we talk about the success of Elbo Italy, master company in projecting and producing digital readouts, positioners, linear and rotary measure systems and now dealing also in the metrology field.
The case history shows how the customer appreciates the Elbo’s team know-how to project custom and innovative electronic systems and it satisfies national and international market’s needs.Elbo logo

The solution studied by Elbo Italy can automate every kind of manual machine tool with limited money investment, without to install expensive CNC.

We are now talking with Dario Bassi (partner of the company Eredi Bassi, owner of Elbo ® Italy Brand);
We are going to ask some questions to understand deeply the key elements that brought the clients to choose Elbo italy’s solution.

Which was the problem that the customer submitted to Elbo?

Talking about a single request and a specific case limits the production’s offer of the company. Every case we treated is different and it is more correct talking about request from types of client that for various industrial activities ( from nuclear, to arts and/or to research centres) and for manual/electric machine tools need to automate the working cycles to optimize costs, increase production volume without the investment of CNC installation.

The need of this client makes us study hardware and software solution completely programmable and able to work with the majority of the mechanical systems in which there is a process to control or axis to move
(lathes, machines for sintered, plasma cutting machines), in order to make workable once again used machines.

Which were the problems to solve in the development of Genius 4X?

The main problem was to create an electronic system, which was able to communicate with the majority of mechanical systems in the machine tool. It would have to adapt to the different kind of machine tools and to the most various automatization’s requests and, at the same time, it would have to be customized following the working requests and needs, keeping low the prices and offering efficient solutions.

Which were your solutions to satisfy market’s needs?Genius Positioner - by Elbo Italy

Elbo Italy studied and projected a completely programmable Hardware and Software system, the Genius 4X. This device is able to solve almost every automation issue in machine tools.
“We developed custom solutions for different kind of companies, included scientific research centers” explains Dario Bassi.
The Positioner Genius 4X works on boring, milling machine and lathe, tought big dimensions.

What are the advantages of positioner “Genius 4X”?

The main advantages of Elbo Italy system can be resume in six characteristic:

  1. Versatility of application: Genius 4X positioner provides a position linear measure system until the maximum of 20mt. Advantages
    “The advantage to choose our solution becomes bigger as the dimensions of the machine tool to automate” underlines Bruno Bassi.
  2. High Precision: the measure system’s precision is micron.
  3. Free from electromagnetic diseases: the Genius 4X ‘s strong body is made in diecasting aluminium and it avoids electromagnetic problems.
  4. Speed of installation of the Genius 4X on machine tools
  5. Efficiency and effectiveness of the position measure system: it allows to make automatic working cycles with micron’s precision and it guarantees to save time than the manual mode.
  6. Saving: Elbo solution doesn’t interfere on machine tools mechanic movements , it just handles it with the positioner Genius 4X. The client saves money twice or three times than the installation of a standard CNC.

In general, which are the distinctive features of Elbo Italy?

  • More than 50 years of experience in the retrofitting’s sector;
  • Worldwide technical assistance: the company is able to provide assistance all over the world;
  • Innovation: the company studies and researches new solution to answer always better to customers’ requests;
  • 48 hours deliveries thanks to a full warehouse.

Do you have a machine tool that you want to automate with a limited economic investment?
Write us or contact Dario Bassi from Elbo Italy