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Case Study: how TELECO-FRENI developed a highly reliable electromagnetic anti-sticking brake at a very competitive price

Today we present the success story of the company TELECO-FRENI, specialised in the design and production of electromagnetic safety brakes, positive brakes, brakes with IP65 grade protection and low torque brakes.

electromagnetic safety brakes - Telecofreni
This success story, in brief, demonstrates how the ability to design innovative and personalised electromagnetic safety brakes was decisive in efficiently satisfying the needs of certain types of clients.
In particular, the solution developed by TELECO-FRENI ensures extremely high customer satisfaction because it achieves a highly reliable product, even in hostile working environments, at a very competitive price compared with other competitor solutions on the market.
Let me introduce you Piero Mantovani (Partner/Sales Director of TELECO-FRENI), who will now help us discover the secrets of this success story in more detail.

What was the challenging request that the client made to TELECO-FRENI?

Several clients (machinery and/or equipment manufacturers) reported that the standard electromagnetic brakes were subject to malfunction when used in environments with large variations in temperature or subject to bad weather (for example electromagnetic brakes used in car washes, in wind turbines, in floor cleaners, in golf carts and in the food industry to name a few).
Therefore the challenging request was that of finding an economical solution that would allow the electromagnetic brakes to operate correctly even in adverse working conditions such as those mentioned above.

What were the main issues to resolve?

The main issue to resolve was linked to the brake’s friction material which, in certain working conditions, sticks to the anchor and to the engine coupler flange, causing a malfunction that could damage the machine or equipment.
This phenomenon is caused by a chemical reaction triggered by sudden changes in temperature and/or humidity.

What were the solutions that you suggested and what were the factors that allowed TELECO-FRENI to get the job? 

The TELECO-FRENI technical office designed and made a very efficient solution centred on the anchor and the composition of the brake’s friction electromagnetic safety brake - Telecofrenimaterial. The tests on the new electromagnetic brake, conducted in humid environments with large variations in temperature, demonstrated the validity of this innovation that prevents the brake from sticking to the anchor and to the engine coupler flange.

The success of this solution also depends on its cost effectiveness, as it only required minimal modifications to the structure of the brake.
Another strategic choice that persuaded clients to choose TELECO-FRENI’s proposal, was the interchangeability of the standard electromagnetic brakes with the new anti-sticking brakes.

What are the advantages of this type of solution?

The main advantages of the anti-sticking electromagnetic brake introduced by TELECO-FRENI can be summarised as follows: Vantaggi competitivi

  • Greater reliability;
  • Lower wearing of the friction material;
  • Much more competitive price than other solutions on the market.

This solution has also proved successful for brakes with IP65 grade protection, that due to their nature tend to be used in outdoor or particularly humid environments.

In general, what are TELECO-FRENI’s distinguishing features?

The factors that distinguish TELECO-FRENI can be summarised as follows:

  1. Twenty years of experience in the design and production of electromagnetic brakes;
  2. 100% product testing;
  3. Personalised technical solutions based on the client’s actual needs;
  4. Continuous innovation (currently the company has designed and made multiple types of electromagnetic brakes for different fields of application: positive brakes, low torque brakes for cutting machines, etc.)
  5. The wide range of products and services;
  6. Interchangeability of the company’s electromagnetic brakes with those on the market;
  7. Financial soundness;
  8. Flexibility to production volume (no minimum order required);
  9. Presence in international markets with own-brand products;
  10. Time to market reduced for new products;
  11. Swift delivery times thanks to rapid material stock replacement for standard products.

In summary, what are the main strengths of TELECO-FRENI?

The main strengths of TELECO-FRENI are:

  1. Flexibility (solution personalisation, world-wide delivery, and constant technical assistance);
  2. Accuracy in finishes (e.g. cataphoretic surface treatment resistant to 400 hours in saline mist);
  3. Solutions that are interchangeable with the main products on the market;
  4. Continuous innovation: constant design and research of innovative solutions (for example: brakes with IP65 grade protection, etc.)


These are the winning features to which TELECO-FRENI has always paid maximum attention, reaching and consolidating leading positions in the market over time and establishing fruitful and long lasting global relations with leading enterprises in various industrial sectors.

IP65 Brake - Telecofreni
For further information please write to us or contact Piero Mantovani (Partner/ Sales Director of TELECO-FRENI) directly.