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Case study: how CDMECCANICA managed to meet the supply demands of a client operating in the truck equipment sector

Today we are presenting the success case of CDMECCANICA.
The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of two product families:

  1. mechanical clamping systems for self-centering chucks;
  2. grinding machines for drills, mills and threading dies.


Jaws -CDMeccanica
Fig. 1 – CDMeccanica: Main product categories

In short, the success story proves how the ability to design and provide custom clamping systems for self-centering chucks played a crucial role in order to meet the customer’s needs effectively.
In particular, the solution developed by CDMeccanica ensures very high customer satisfaction, allowing clients to work irregular mechanical pieces in short time and with no deformation or damage.
This is made possible by a clamping system (special jaw) for self-centering chucks which CDMeccanica designed specifically for the customer.
We are with Matteo Gozzoli (Sales Manager) and Cristian Gozzoli (Technical Manager) of CDMeccanica, whom we thank and to whom we shall ask a few questions in order to understand the key elements that led the customer to choose the solution developed by CDMeccanica in more detail.

What were the challenges to face?

The client, an important company operating in the field of truck and bus equipment, after performing a few tests on the market, posed a difficult challenge to us: fixing an irregular mechanical piece, to be submitted to special processing, on the self-centering chuck.
Furthermore the client: had a limited budget, the need to work on a large number of mechanical work pieces minimizing waste and mistakes and limited time to find an appropriate solution.

What were the main problems to solve?

The main criticalities CDMeccanica had to face can be summarized as follows:

  1. Fixing the irregular mechanical piece on the self-centering chuck without deforming it;
  2. Maintaining optimum clamping for large production as well;
  3. Ensuring the passage of special tools needed to carry out the processes required;
  4. The jaws produced had to be necessarily of a reduced weight in order to allow the self-centering chuck to preserve the performances requested by the customer;
  5. Ensuring prompt technical assistance in the design, construction and testing phases;
  6. Ensuring constant after-sale support.

What were, then, the solutions you suggested and what were the factors that allowed CDMECCANICA to meet the client’s requests?

CDMeccanica was able to satisfy the customer completely thanks to its organization and, in particular, to its co-design system and technical staff.
Indeed, CDMeccanica, spent several months to study and design a completely new and totally customized clamping solution in order to solve the various problems posed by the customer.
Such solution was the result of years of experience both in the field of clamping systems (self-aligning chuck jaws), and the full computer integration with the client, which made the constant exchange of ideas, projects and assessments very efficiently and constructively possible.
In addition, the client chose CDMeccanica for its prompt responses.
Thanks to its organizational skills CDMeccanica is also able to offer its services at a competitive price, another reason why the client choose the company.
“In short, customers obtain what they want at competitive prices,” emphasizes Cristian Gozzoli.

What are the advantages offered by CDMECCANICA’s latest clamping system for self-centering chucks?design dept - CdMeccanica

The main advantages obtained by the client with the latest special jaws are two:

  • Being able to work large volumes of irregular mechanic work pieces;
  • Fall within the budget of estimated costs for the equipment.

Generally, what are CDMECCANICA’s distinctive features?

“CDMECCANICA’s distinctive features can be summarized as follows:

  1. Twenty years of experience of the technical-design manager, as well as of the production manager;CdMeccanica_2
  2. We operate successfully on the major markets of the world with internal English, French, German and Spanish-speaking staff;
  3. Maximum product precision of the products delivered, guaranteed by the geometric, mechanical and visual controls performed at each single stage of the work;
  4. Minimal delivery time thanks to the constant availability of standard mechanical clamps;
  5. Width and versatility of the range of work piece clamping jaws for self-centering chucks (standard and special);
  6. Presence at the world’s major trade fairs;
  7. Reduced Time to market for the special mechanical clamps;
  8. Maximum customer orientation ensured by the flexibility of the company, which is able to start efficient and effective co-designing processes;
  9. Co-design: direct exchange between CDMeccanica’s technicians and the staff of the client’s company;
  10. Cutting-edge design and production technologies (eg. Solid work, horizontal 7 pallet working center, …). “

CNC machining center - CdMeccanica


Summarizing, what are CDMECCANICA’s greatest strengths?

CDMECCANICA’s greatest strengths are:

  1. Vast Experience in a variety of industrial sectors and at a global level;
  2. Wide and versatile range of work piece clamping jaws for self-aligning chucks (standard and special products);
  3. Constant availability of standard jaws for self-centering chucks;
  4. Customer service:
    a. Packaging, also customized, at no additional cost;
    b. Timely and consistent technical support;
    c. Customized technical solutions on customer demand.

CDMeccanica counts on these main winning characteristic, and has designed and manufactured a range of grinding machines for drills, mills and threading dies since 2009, with the aim of better meeting the needs of its customers.

For further information write to us or contact Matteo Gozzoli (Sales Manager) or Cristian Gozzoli (Technical Manager) of CDMECCANICA directly.

Grinding machines for Mills, Drills, Threading dies - CdMeccanica