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Case study: how OPTO5 has designed an innovative F-Theta lens at competitive prices for the 3D printing sector

Today we are presenting the success story of the company OPTO5, which specialises in the design and manufacture of optical systems and lighting for industrial, medical, scientific and solar applications.
In short, the success story shows how the ability to design high-performance optical systems at competitive prices, has been crucial in effectively meeting clients’ needs.
In fact, the solution developed by OPTO5 ensures a very high level of client satisfaction, offering a high resolution solution at very competitive prices. Opto 5 - industrial optical components

We are in the company of Alessandro Cremaschi (Chief Executive Officer of OPTO5): we thank him for his time and will ask him some questions in order to further understand the key elements that have led customers to choose the solution developed by OPTO5.

1. What was the challenging request that the client made to OPTO5?

An active company in the production of three-dimensional printing machines, by means of UV laser Stereolithography, commissioned OPTO5 to carry out a feasibility study on low cost but high performance “F-Theta” lenses , capable of focusing blue-ultraviolet laser beams. The design, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing of such lenses, if successful in the initial stage, was to be assigned to OPTO 5.

2. What were the main issues to be resolved?Optical Design - Opto 5

Optical components for use with ultraviolet light are generally made with expensive materials such as amorphous quartz. Given the request for low costs, a period for research and laboratory testing of suitable optical glasses was necessary. In fact, many materials exhibit the phenomena of absorption and fluorescence in the ultraviolet spectral range. For that reason, an additional critical issue was the creation of an antireflective coating to be applied to optical elements. In the design phase, the client’s specification for high resolution and the accuracy of the 3D printing system also had to be considered.

3. What were the solutions that you proposed and what were the factors that allowed OPTO5 to get the contract?F-Theta Lenses -opto 5

OPTO5 was able to find the best solution for the client thanks to its unique structure, where the sharing of technical skills between various roles allows for the quick and precise application of specifications to the development and production of the best solutions. This operation is enhanced by the availability of laboratory equipment and expert test preparation.

4. What are the advantages of the solution developed by OPTO5? Advantages

Within a short period of time, the client was able to put an innovative and low cost 3D printing system into production, gaining a significant competitive advantage in a sector that is constantly developing.
The client’s system is currently protected by trademark and has been presented at international trade shows within the sector.

5. In general, what are the distinctive features of OPTO5?

OPTO5 products are strongly oriented towards client needs, finding the cheapest and best suited solution when compared to the standard optical components that are available on the distribution market.

The imperfect connection between what is offered in the catalogue and what is required by the client, forces the latter to oversize, at the expense of price, or to reduce performance in order to get value for money.
Therefore, the aspects that characterize what OPTO5 offers are:

  • Adaptability to customer needs;
  • Economic competitiveness;
  • Rapid development of solutions: from design to mass production.

6. To briefly sum up, what are the main strengths of OPTO5?

To clients, OPTO5 is a technically competent point of contact. This is of utmost importance to the success of the projects because OPTO5 operations are not confined to the acceptance or refusal of specifications, but rather the proposal of alternatives and design modifications, mediation with third parties involved and proposal of functional quality control methods for the manufactured parts.

Quality control - Opto 5


Do you have a similar problem that you would like to resolve? Write to us or contact Alessandro Cremaschi, Chief Executive Officer of OPTO5, directly.