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Dot peen or laser DPM (Direct Part Marking): Berma’s lengthy experience makes the difference!

The direct identification of components, especially in the automotive, aerospace, marine, railway and mechanical components sectors is essential to ensure the traceability of products within manufacturing processes.
BERMA SRL boasts many years of experience in the production of marking machines and offers cutting-edge, flexible solutions with respect to customer needs, with systems based on 2 different technologies: dot peen and laser marking.berma marking systems
BERMA’s long history and experience in the industry make the difference. The company is a true companion in the customer’s decision-making phase for the choice of the most appropriate solutions, always with the right price-quality ratio. In addition to the easy to use operator interface and management software, BERMA pays particular attention to the integration of the individual process within the customer’s overall production process by customizing the software interface, which acquires the data to be marked on the pieces directly from information systems already in use.
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For more details on the marking types see the article published in Dossier Meccanica & Engineering (attached to the newspaper IL GIORNALE).