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Excellence in Innovation: Hydroblock’s patents

Quality and innovation as key ingredients for Hydroblock’s international success

When people talk about Emilia-Romagna and its Motor Valley, regional excellence like Lamborghini and Ferrari come immediately to mind– even if, behind these notorious labels, lies a multitude of SMEs, which represent the real, authentic treasure of our district.

This is exactly the case of Hydroblock S.r.l., a consortium member company specialized in the production of cylinders and clamping systems set up in the most exclusive automotive production.

The consistent efforts that Hydroblock put in the R&D field played a pivot role in becoming a company devoted to constant innovation.

Since 2016, the firm filed for the application of five patents, both on resident level and abroad. USA, South Korea, Japan, Germany, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of India are only a few among all the countries where Hydroblock’s patents have been granted to protect the added value and the innovative nature of the firm’s products.

Associated with CAMSER since 2011, Hydroblock promoted its vast range of products worldwide, benefiting not only of the consortium’s financial and organizational support, but also of the public funds accorded to preserve SMEs’ export.

Hydroblock is a dynamic and solid company, able to put individualism aside on behalf of constructive collaboration with other companies. New skills in the international fields and economic benefits are just some of the assets got by Hydroblock through joining CAMSER.

If you’re the CEO of a company in the mechanical field, seeking for assistance to launch new services and products in the international markets, join our team: you can count on 40 years of experience and meet many other companies as yours.