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Pumping polyols and isocyanates: P.M.P.O.’s new pump

P.M.P.O. enriches his vast production range with a new component for the handling of Polyol and Isocyanate

P.M.P.O., a consortium member company specialized in the production of industrial filter systems and pumps, welcomes its latest pump for the processing of Polyol and Isocyanate.

Founded in 1997, P.M.P.O. is well known among the sector’s insiders for its running internal gear pumps; noiseless, robust, and designed for assuring a constant flow rate, P.M.P.O.’s pumps are of small dimensions, compact and reversible.

Indeed, one of the biggest limitations of a traditional pump is the inability to reverse the direction of the flow; it means that when the centrifugal pump runs in reverse rotation, the most frequent accidents comprehend:

  • Reduced flow;
  • Noise;

Seal and bearing failure.

Running internal gear pumps secure that the capacity of the pumps keeps going on both directions. In P.M.P.O.’s pumps, the suction port can become the discharged one, resulting in the highest flexibility and versatility of the device.

Focused on producing pumps to be used in the hydraulic field, P.M.P.O. has only recently developed a new application, aimed for the processing of polyol and isocyanate.

To create its new pumping solution to handle isocyanate and polyol, P.M.P.O. faced a lot of challenges. Heavily used to create spray-on polyurethane products, which retail, commercial and all kind of industries use for packaging and protect items, the isocyanate classifies as a material highly reactive and difficult to process.

Not only Isocyanate appears to be flammable and toxic if inhaled, but it demands operators to choose the right function program to secure a constant and precise flow rate – otherwise, the material would solidify in contact with the air.

In addition to the complexities represented by the material specifics, the company wanted to live up to its usual standards; the pumps must have been compact, solid and the pressure requested by the customer guaranteed. P.M.P.O.’s new pump can be installed in the machine tank, thanks to its small proportions; the available displacements range from 0.5 to 2CC/REV. The pump presents a calibrated, built-in, precision valve, in order to secure the accurate monitoring of its performance.
The pumping system, marked by a controlled and precise flow rate, guarantees the handling of high-viscosity product homogenously, zeroing the discard. Moreover, P.M.P.O.’s customer service assures a long service life for all the components.

P.M.P.O.’s new components for polyol and isocyanate are particularly suited for companies which operate in the packaging sector, particularly the ones who produce foam cushioning, and for all the industries involved in producing machines which manufacture the polyurethane foam.