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CDMeccanica’s jaws for self-centering chucks: your go-to solution

CDMeccanica’s jaws for self-centering chucks: a customized solution for turning in any depts, from wind to the health industry

Jaws for self-centering chucks and turning: what is the first word that comes to mind? 

If you’re accustomed to the turning process, probably this combination of words evokes another one: problem

Scarce precision, no repetition accuracy, clamping system deformed, or, even worse, damage to the workpiece held in the chuck; these are just a few of the most recurring issues that operators of any sector dealing with turning and machining daily face. 

With pluriannual experience in engineering and manufacturing solutions to allow their customers to prevent such problems, CDMeccanica knows better. 

CDMeccanica’s jaws for self-centering chucks are a customized solution not only to the most frequent problems, but a tailored solution conceived for their specific needs

So: what customers can expect from a personalized jaw for self-centering?


Who said that you must adjust to what the market offers and not the other way around? 

Your problem is the starting point for a specific, customized solution. The company engineering team constantly interfaces with the customer, providing quick feedback and answers to any request; the goal is to understand any problems and deliver proper solutions. 

The presence of one on-site project department represents a terrific advantage for the customer, that results in faster delivery time of turnkey products, thanks to a direct dialogue between the engineering and the production teams, solving any issue coming out in the making. 


Are you seeking a jaw of special steel, maybe to keep the process sterilized and aseptic? 

Are you on a budget still need a jaw to fix the machining of an irregular mechanic part? 

Have you to mind a specific concentricity or to control the space problem

Need to guarantee the best clamping system even for large manufacturing volume? 

It doesn’t matter whatever specifics you must deal with: CDMeccanica can offer you a personalized solution, to fix any issue


Using customized jaw for self-centering chucks guarantees the most efficient production process; in fact, a personalized solution pairs with the technicalities of the self-centering chuck in which installed, minimizing the wear and assuring its perfect functioning. 

The outcome? No damages occurred to the machine, nor the need to provide frequent maintenance service, which results in zeroed stop times and an actual, real increase in the production rate

The improvement of the production rate is also due to the dismantling of incidental costs. A customized jaw for self-centering chuck secures the workpiece, which therefore doesn’t undergo damages nor deformations. Moreover, it ensures the containment of discard and provides an excellent clamping system, also for a large volume. 


CDMeccanica’s team uses advanced production technologies, guaranteeing to the customers the highest precision in the delivered product, through visual, mechanical, and geometrical verifications, performed at any stage of production. 

We know what you are thinking about right now: “What about the wear?”. 

Even if they wear rate highly relies on the final use of the jaw, CDMeccanica provides on-demand service, such as specific threats to prolong the natural cycle of the product, through a regeneration system

The company, which successfully works worldwide, is safely recognized as a must-go partner by several industry leaders and their suppliers.


When it comes to business, time is always running out. 

This is just one of the reasons why the customer service immediately replies to every request received, by activating a dialogue with the engineering team if needed. 

And if for an international buyer the delivery might be a source of anxiety, not with CDMeccanica; every product aimed for international delivery is subjected to a special packaging process, through a procedure that centers on vacuum-packaging, all without added costs for the customer. 

Moreover, any product is marked, to assure safe shipping and quick identification of the part. 

What about the shipping time? Even though it depends on the customization requested and the manufacturing volume, CDMeccanica guarantees the next-working-day delivery for orders with few parts, for any market. A fast time-to-market is also assured for any customized projects, though. 

On the other hand, if you aim to discover the vast range of standardized jaws and clamping systems for self-centering chucks that the company can offer you, its products are always off the shelf. 

Finally, the customer service is proficient in several foreign languages and fluently speaks German, French, Spanish, English, and Czech. 


– 12: the years the company has stayed in business, and which adds up with a pluri-decennial experience of the management to the engineering and production teams; 

– ≤ 45: the average age of the management, which is reactive to the daily challenges that the sector puts. They’re even green! Do you know that CDMeccanica uses recycled papers for its packaging? 

100%: the percentage of customers that place a second order with the company

Wish to know something more? Discover the vast range of standardized jaws for self-centering chucks at CDMeccanica or get in touch with them for a request.