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RUBBI S.R.L., a company in the subcontracting division of CAMSER, supplies finished products of light mechanical carpentry to leading companies in their sector, ranging from fitness to medical.

Massimo and Maria Luisa Rubbi successfully carry on the family business founded in 1957, specializing in mechanical processing for third parties.

In more than 60 years of activity, the company has been able to put itself at the service of important companies that have grown worldwide over time.

The latter have changing their needs over time but continuing to rely on Rubbi S.R.L. as a supplier in light carpentry.

An emblematic example is the Romagna company, world leader in fitness equipment, a long-standing customer of RUBBI S.R.L. which we prefer not to mention.

Even the first prototypes were made for them when the company was in its infancy and not the world leader in fitness it is today.

A collaboration in the bending of iron pipes that requires very high-quality standards: “Our bent iron pipes must not show the slightest imperfection.

The Cesena-based company, world leader in Fitness equipment, is a very rigorous customer who does not allow mistakes.

Our collaboration has been going on since the dawn of the Romagna company and we are proud of it “Moving from one market leader to another, one of the most interesting collaborations is that with Technoalpin, a leader in the field of snow-making systems.

RUBBI S.R.L. produces the iron structures of the snow cannons for the Bolzano-based company.

In short, RUBBI S.R.L. knows how to meet the needs of top-level companies with up to standard standards. We can mention other sectors in which the company has important customers: from agricultural machinery to automatic ones, from the hospital sector to that of podiatry studies.

RUBBI S.R.L. possesses all the prerequisites, flexibility and experience to enter new sectors not yet supplied by the company that require light mechanical carpentry work.

CAMSER is a consortium for Italian manufacturers operating in the specialized mechanical sector; mainly made up of companies based in Emilia-Romagna, it admits a selected number of companies that also operate in other regional realities.

Currently, CAMSER, which includes 18 companies, is divided into two divisions: Subcontracting and OEM (production of machines, equipment and accessories).

The purpose of the consortium is to plan shared international business development strategies aimed at offering a package of services and / or integrated solutions to the international market.

If you are a company operating in this sector and are interested in knowing what a consortium for internationalization can bring to your business, contact us.