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Six CAMSER member companies will exhibit at MECSPE 2021

From today to November 25th, 2021, six CAMSER enterprises will exhibit at MECSPE 2021. 

One of the key events for the operators of the manufacturing industry, MECSPE will offer a significant chance to present the vast product range proposed by our member companies. 

This year, six Consortium members will take part in the event, which is one of the most relevant in representing the pretty nuanced world of metalworking.

–         Marpol FR: Machines for cutting and finishing operations on metal, wood, and plastic – Booth A92, Hall 26 

–         Meber: Machines for cutting and working on several materials, such as plastic, wood, steel, and cast-iron – Booth A21 – Hall 16 

–         Milltech: High-precision mechanics and micro-mechanics, produced on drawing for third parties – Booth A121, Hall 25

–         Lamipress: Sheared and deep drawn components to design – Booth A119, Stand 25 

–         Suzzi: Electrical windings and customer-designed electric coils – Booth A117, Hall 25 

–         Teknox: Cleaning Machines for all industrial sectors – Booth C91, Hall 22 

For the subcontracting division, Milltech, Lamipress, and Suzzi will exhibit in a collective area. 

Specialized since 1979 in creating sheared and deep-drawn components to design, Lamipress can boast a skilled engineering team, capable of guaranteeing a turnkey service to all its customers. Since the early stages of the process, the engineering team keeps in touch with the customer with the precise aim of saving the (future) component performance. The manufacturing process, led through creating tailor-made dies, results in optimized delivery times and increasing productivity rates. 

Milltech, recognized as a point of reference by all the companies operating in aeronautics, will exhibit its mechanical and micromechanical components. That they carried any manufacturing process out within the company ensures the quality of the engineering. Complex mechanical and micromechanical components turning for optics, bio medics, electronics, hydraulics are just a few of the multiple services offered by Milltech – which, among all things, is also an established partner to several research institutes. 

Among the companies of CAMSER subcontracting division that will be present at the event is Suzzi, whose flagships are electrical windings and customer-designed electric coils. Backed by many years of experience in the automotive, Suzzi will propose its latest application, conceived as a response to the ingrowing demand for reduced environmental impact components. Suzzi Manufacturing Group structures into four production plants and is in multiple European countries, such as Italy, Poland, and Romania. The company has a certified quality system (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015). 

Marpol FR contributes to the wide range that CAMSER subcontractors will present at MECSPE 2021. The company offers services as chip manufacturing and evacuation, but they also specialize in engineering machines for cutting and finishing operations on metal, wood, and plastic, like sanders, beveling and polishing machines, band saws, and grinders. MECSPE 2021 represents for Marpol FR a grand chance to present its latest components, designed for orthopedic workshops; the new machines manufactured by the company allow the creation of insoles for balancing loads and postural pressure, operate precision grinding work on stainless steel, and produce titanium prosthesis. 

Skilled in processing materials like wood, steel, plastic, and cast-iron also Meber, which will be exhibiting the newest addition to its offer; the machine for the cutting of sandwich panels has been created for the construction industry. Belt sanding machines, bandsaws for wood cutting, special bandsaws, sliding table saw machines, and double-column metal cutting bandsaws are just a few among all the products Meber’s wide range consists of. 

Finally, MECSPE will be attended also by Teknox, a leading company in manufacturing cleaning machines for all industrial sectors. For over fifty years and to the present day, its products have been used in several fields, as automotive, rail, and tramway industries, chemical and petrochemical sectors, and aeronautics. The perfect solution to clean manufacturing machines in the pre-or post-process, its parts washers are available in three systems type (automatic, semi-automatic, and automatable) and offers three different washing systems (by spraying, in immersion, and with ultra-sonics). 

By attending MECSPE 2021, CAMSER restore its presence at events of international scope, after the sudden stop forced by the pandemics.