New PMPO's pump

Pumping polyols and isocyanates: P.M.P.O.’s new pump

P.M.P.O. enriches his vast production range with a new component for the handling of Polyol and Isocyanate P.M.P.O., a consortium member company specialized in the production of industrial filter systems and pumps, welcomes its latest pump for the processing of Polyol and Isocyanate. Founded in 1997, P.M.P.O. is well known among the sector’s insiders for …

MPA & Unistand: deal reached

MPA and Unistand join Euromagroup: deal reached

MPA and Unistand join Euromagroup, expanding a supply forged by excellence Euromagroup expands its vast supply in the industrial automation field; in fact, Euromagroup has just reached an agreement with MPA and Unistand. The big, exciting challenges ahead of us indeed demand equally terrific, integrated competencies. That is the spirit that Euroma, a long-time consortium …

Mecvel presents HP5
Innovation, News

The HP5 electric linear actuator: Mecvel reinvents the linear movement in a Green-er way.

Eco-Innovation: Mecvel presents the HP5 electric linear actuator, designed for the photovoltaic industry. Mecvel, a consortium member company specialized in the production of electric linear actuators and screw jacks, presents its new electric linear actuator for the photovoltaic industry, the HP5. The stimulus package that the Recovery Fund reserves for the ecological transition is one …

IM - 3D - ENG
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IM: the rapid prototyping at the service of the subcontracting sector

IM, a CAMSER subcontracting division enterprise, has recently adopted new rapid prototyping protocols using 3D printing, to offer the best solutions in the subcontract precision machining to its customers. Founded in 1981 and highly specialized in the precision machining of plastic, steel and non-ferrous materials, IM has improved its well-established protocols to secure a more …