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MPA and Unistand join Euromagroup: deal reached

MPA and Unistand join Euromagroup, expanding a supply forged by excellence

Euromagroup expands its vast supply in the industrial automation field; in fact, Euromagroup has just reached an agreement with MPA and Unistand.

The big, exciting challenges ahead of us indeed demand equally terrific, integrated competencies.

That is the spirit that Euroma, a long-time consortium member, carries on; leader in producing equipment for machine tools since 1979, for years Euroma has been relentlessly working on a project to aggregate all the excellences in the industrial automation sector.

As General Manager Lorenzo Di Marco had predicted, the company remained faithful to its own identity and values even in these difficult times, putting at the core of its business the customer’s needs and the necessity to offer them the best overall experience.

To achieve this result, Euromagroup worked on two fronts: on one side, training and personal development paths have been tailored to value the different talents within; on the other, it has facilitated the creation of a supply as complete as possible.

The latter has driven Euromagroup to welcome two new trademarks in his group: MPA and Unistand.

Unistand brings in 60 years of experience in producing clamping fixtures, planting and assembly stations and laser welding centers; moreover, the firm is specialized in special mechanical realizations, tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

In addition, Euromagroup imports from MPA a highly-skilled human and technological background, given the high specialization that the company vaunts in producing multispindle heads, angle heads, speed increasers and driven tools.

MPA’s and Unistand’s products enrich Euromagroup’s already vast product range, which comprehends electro-pneumatic quill drilling units, CNC quill drilling units, units for combined drilling-tapping, machining spindles, fork heads, special centering clamping systems and standard automatic chucks.

With over 40 years of experience in the production of solutions for automotive and machine tools manufacturing (with a particular focus on the swarf removal ones), Euromagroup can now count on a full assortment of skills, which allows the company to offer a new integrated supply, as well as to secure renewed and even more accurate high-precision standards in production.

To rely on a large, integrated group presents many benefits for the customer, as zeroing the producing times and referring to a single interlocutor, from the early stages of the production up to the installation of the solution engineered.

With roots solidly connected to Bologna’s soil but branched toward the future, Euromagroup launches its challenge to the international markets, applying to supply the requests of machine tools manufacturing advanced by the industrial automation sector.

CAMSER is aware of how important it is to be a part of a group, to share the effort needed to win the challenge that the future brings in; in fact, the consortium aggregates companies that work in the high-precision mechanics manufacturing as well as subcontractors since 1981, guiding them through proper strategies to conquer the international markets. If you’re a company working in high-precision mechanics and/or mechatronics, a start-up or subcontracting firm, don’t hesitate and get in touch.