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Sustainibility and environment: Suzzi cuts down 259 tons of CO2 in 2020

A first step toward the Green Economy: Suzzi srl the inspirational journey of a member company

Suzzi, a member company of CAMSER, sets a new course, adopting measures reducing CO2 Emissions by 259 tons.

The creation of a ministry devoted to the ecological transition and the development of the Green Economy might be considered a turning point in our country’s history.

However, in the CAMSER’s network, there are plenty of enterprises that have already embarked on a path marked by innovation and sustainability; namely, Suzzi chose to develop an innovative, “green” approach to production since 2019, first adopting a powerful photovoltaic system and secondly employing 100% renewable energy from certified sources.

Through these simple measures, Suzzi became a “green inside” company and dropped CO2 emissions for more than 200 tons just in 2020.

Suzzi’s CEO Roberta Selleri states that “A couple of years ago, Suzzi embarked on a journey for the safeguard of the environmental heritage. Now, we are proud to claim that the company fully relies on electricity coming from certified renewable energy sources. The green revolution has just started: we wish to include the group’s other companies in our journey towards sustainability, exploring new, innovative paths in any collateral field of our business.

The CAMSER’s member enterprise, specialized in producing electric windings, electric coils and electric windings for the automotive and electro-valves sector, represents a lead to follow in promoting a much-needed culture of eco-sustainability.

What about you? Are you ready to create the future of your business?