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Digitalization and SMEs: the new Teknox App.

Teknox, a top-producer of cleaning machines for the automotive, automation, agro-mechanics sectors and industrial mechanics, presents its new App.

Teknox, specialized in metal cleaning systems and parts-washers, presents its new Android App.

The digital transformation of business is often associated with the adoption of dynamic, time-saving and highly responsive processes; in a word, the digital transformation always pairs with effectiveness.

The beginning of the pandemic and the sub-sequential need to guarantee remote operations led a significant number of Italian SMEs to use any digital tools at their disposal.

This is the case of Teknox, a consortium member enterprise; founded in 1967, Teknox succeeded in the market of industrial, metal cleaning systems, imposing itself as a leader in the sector.

Mechanical engineers, public transportation companies, cosmetics, and petrochemical industries are only a few of the market players which benefited from Teknox’s solutions – the product of a continuous research process aimed at offering tailored responses to every client’s need.

Namely, it had been the necessity to ensure a quick response to their customers’ demands and expectations that led the company to create an Android App, to bypass the continuous movement restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Matteo Caroli, Teknox’s CEO, affirms that: “We deliberately chose to look at the pandemic as a chance to grow and improve as a company; that’s why we created an Android App, which allows any prospect to consult a digital version of the catalogue and take a first look at our product range, asking for a customized offer if needed. The new App assures the bilateral management of the requests and orders; nonetheless, it is possible to ask for specific replacement parts.

This “digital turn” moves Teknox toward a centralized and automatic control of the customers’ requests, offering them the chance to access a vast range of industrial metal washing machines, parts-washers, and cleaning machines for surface treatment manufactured for the industries of the aerospace, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical, nautical and automation sector, just one click away.

The new Teknox App allows customizing the offer on the customers’ needs, who can examine an interactive version of the catalogue, submit personalized requests to receive tailor-made business proposals, and fill out a form to insert technical specifications in view of the new projects.

The Teknox App complements a highly digitalized stock management system, which succeeds in govern a deposit that develops on a surface of 1.000 sqm. and includes 12.000 product codes.

The result? An improved, precise and quicker management of the orders in favor of customers, who can still count on fast and sure delivery times, despite the general slowdown caused by the Covid-19.

Facing the challenges introduced by the digital transformation of the business can be quite difficult for SMEs, already tried by several burdens; CAMSER helps the OEM and subcontracting companies to win this game, assimilating a shared, strategy of development and digital export for the international markets.