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The HP5 electric linear actuator: Mecvel reinvents the linear movement in a Green-er way.

Eco-Innovation: Mecvel presents the HP5 electric linear actuator, designed for the photovoltaic industry.

Mecvel, a consortium member company specialized in the production of electric linear actuators and screw jacks, presents its new electric linear actuator for the photovoltaic industry, the HP5.

The stimulus package that the Recovery Fund reserves for the ecological transition is one of the most relevant in the budget plan; several enterprises already adjusted their supply in sight of the ingrowing demand that the whole European Market will surely advance.

However, Mecvel already moved in that direction ahead of time.

The HP5 has been engineered to respond to the most recurring issues faced by the PV industry; namely, Mecvel’s new electric linear actuator is designed for a quick installation on solar trackers, both single and dual axis.

The working principle of solar trackers relies on the pivoting of the photovoltaic panel on one (or a couple of) axis; the rotary motion orients it toward the sun and determines the chase and interception of the solar light.

If compared with the function of a “static” photovoltaic system, these mechanisms secure a maximized performance, as they increase energy conversion from 40% up to 50%.

Precisely, the latter result is due to the use of the electric linear actuator which, both in single and dual axis systems, determines the rotation of the photovoltaic panel on the axis, guaranteeing that sun rays hit with an angle of 90° the panel’s surface.

May it be applied to engineer the roll or tilt motion, it’s the HP5 that ensures the eco-sustainability of the whole product, as in addition to guaranteeing the most effective productivity rate and extent of sunlight absorption, the movement prevents significant soil portions from remaining under a shadow cone, with subsequential decay.

Finally, the use of the electric linear actuator represents a significant innovation if compared to the traditional systems, which use a slewing ring to move the photovoltaic panel; in fact, benefiting from such technology allows to install the devices in charge of the photovoltaic panel on the outer structure, thus ensuring easier maintenance.

The new electric linear actuator HP5 combines resistance and flexibility, delivering high-quality performance in the PV industry.

An excellence in linear automation industry, Mecvel truly represents a source of inspiration in converting the expectations of a blooming market, such as renewable energies, into a chance to develop new business relationships.

If you want more information about Mecvel’s new electric linear actuator, check it out and discover its technical specifications.

The funds allocated by the European Union and assigned by the Government through the NRRP aren’t exclusively intended to support the transition of our country toward a more sustainable and responsible approach to the environment; in fact, the NRRP sets up 49,2 billion for the digital transformation of the country, through measures as Industry 4.0 as well as stimulus aimed to support the internationalization of SMEs.

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