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Wiring: when organization makes the difference – The Cablotech success story

Today we look at the success story of Cablotech, a company specializing in the manufacture of wiring, switchboards, and electro-pneumatic and electromechanical assembly.

Briefly speaking, this success story shows how decisive Cablotech’s organizational and managerial ability were in getting the order. As a matter of fact, the customer required very short processing and delivery times (less than 70% on average compared to those offered by the market) as well as zero manufacturing defects.

What was the challenging request that the customer made of Cablotech?

“A historic company in the province of Bologna, working in the field of airport technology, contacted us to supply 24 electronic power packs of 10 and 20 kVA for a big Italian airport.Cablotech
However, we were required to deliver within just 10 days.
The job order included the development of the internal wiring and the complete electromechanical assembly of the parts, for a total commitment of 700 work hours.

We received this challenging request in June 2013; the customer had previously not found an adequate response on the market, due to the extremely narrow timeframe for the performance of the work.
In fact, generally, a contract of this type involves a lead-time of about 30 days between procuring the material and the complete execution of the assembly.”

What were the main issues?

“This job was clearly quite critical, in terms of the extremely short timeframe we had to get our supplies, manufacture the internal wiring, and assemble the power packs. A further difficulty for our technicians was the need to detect the technical features of the wiring from a simple representative sample of a power pack.
In so doing, we were able to functionally test each power pack, avoiding assembly and wiring errors”.

What solutions did you propose and what factors aided you in getting the job order?

“We were able to organize a rapid and effective work plan, meeting the 10-day deadline thanks to our company’s strengths as follows:

  • Ability to interact in real time with the customer during the design phase,Certificato ISO 9001 TUV
  • Materials necessary for the electrical wiring available in our warehouse,
  • Technical expertise within our company for manufacturing the products and checking they were built with state of the art perfection,
  • Organizational flexibility during production and in-house quality management system.

Cablotech truly ‘did it right first time’ so as to satisfy our customer’s demands within a timeframe reduced by 70% with respect to the standard.”

What advantages did the customer gain by entrusting this job order to Cablotech?

“Our customer was able to comply with the conditions laid down in their contract and equip the airport runways on time, without any penalty. All the devices were installed at the airport on time without reporting any issues.
Moreover, deliveries executed on time and with highly reliable products avoid additional costs to the customer in case of urgent shipments”.

What are Cablotech’s overall distinguishing features?

“Cablotech’s distinguishing features may be summed up as follows:

  1. Innovation:constantly keeping up to date with technological developments has enabled CABLOTECH to continue to support its customers in some areas such as the medical field (think of the transition from analogue to digital technology in tomography), thus establishing solid business partnerships.Cablotech - wiring 1
  2. Ability to dialog with our customers starting from the design stage of the machines and/or installations and suggest the best technological wiring solutions. This ability is a key strength that translates into immediate savings for our customers in terms of money and time. This is also why the relocation of some of our major customers to countries with low labour costs did not result in the disruption of our business relationships, which continue to be mutually satisfactory and collaborative.
  3. Management of the entire production process, in an organized and flexible manner, such that we can also optimize costs and be competitive; we guarantee flexibility and a constant level of quality that goes farther than any other company.

Thanks to all these factors, in the course of time we have been able to work for prestigious research laboratories such as CERN and the Padua Institute of Physics.

What are Cablotech’s overall main strengths?

Organization aligned to customer needs

Our internal order management system uses the Kanban method, which over the years has enabled us to serve major customers and multinational companies in various industries such as the electro-medical, power supply equipment, and IT industries.

Reliability and precision

Tending to zero defects, compliance with commitments, and technical competence are Cablotech’s distinguishingfactors. Cablotech - wiring 2Supplying prestigious national and international research Laboratories and Institutes. Ability to participate in European call for tenders in collaboration with our international customers.

A wide and complete range of services

Cablotech can provide a complete set of services ranging from all kinds of wiring to the installation of electrical panels, assembly, and self-certified equipment testing.
Our ability to support our customers right from the start at the product development stage is one of our most interesting attributes.

Flexibility and versatility

Cablotech supplies several different market segments: medical devices, banking, alternative energy, etc. Our response speed and flexibility are well-known in the market.