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New Technologies in Cablotech Departments

cablotech-logoThe interest in technological upgrading has always been in Cablotech DNA as well as the knowledge of the best equipment on the market, never considering any acquisition as a point of arrival but as a new step in a continuous technological improvement.

For this reason many innovations have been introduced in the last few months:

  • New white / black inkjet printers that allow to process wires with an outer diameter of 1.5 mm
  • New Schleuniger cutting/stripping modular machine with a booster on the cutting head, suitable for processing cables with an outside diameter up to 35 mm or 240 mm². The machine is supplied with a suitable software that generates a flexibility increase in library data management, with a consequent reduction of the working time.

Schleuniger cutting stripping modular machine - Cablotech

  • New Artos cutting-stripping-crimping machine allowing minimal overhang. The machine is able to work wires starting from a length of 25 mm. It is also equipped with a digital micrometer, with height detection of seaming function sending data directly to the automatic machine.

Artos cutting stripping crimping modular machine - Cablotech

  • New hydraulic press for crimping bulk terminals up to 400 mm² with many programmable features and 3 different cycles
  • Schleuniger stripping and crimping machine for very small sections multipolar cables processing , from AWG12 to AWG30.