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MT Marchetti: CNC tool holders for applications in Energy, Automotive and Oil & Gas industries

MT Marchetti was established in 1972 in San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini), Italy. The company started out as a third party supplier of high quality, mechanically machined, fully finished products.
Leveraging its extensive knowledge of turning solutions, MT Marchetti began manufacturing innovative CNC lathe tool-holders in 1995. During the years, MT Marchetti highly increased the product range (today more than 6,000 different CNC lathe tool-holders) suitable to satisfy different machining needs on all the main brands of CNC lathes. Besides, MT Marchetti designs and manufactures special tool-holders customized on customer’s application.
Tool-holders of MT Marchetti can be applied in applications for Energy, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Military industries.
Just-in-time delivery, innovation, know-how and experience are the main competitive advantages of MT Marchetti.
Thanks to a network of dealers and partners in all the main countries, MT Marchetti is present worldwide and confirms its leadership in innovation, technology and quality.

MT Marchetti – CNC lathe tool-holders

  • Static tool-holdersMT Marchetti - tool holder range
  • Driven tool-holders
  • Adjustable angle driven tool-holders
  • Driven gear hobbing tool-holder
  • Slotting tool-holder
  • Driven gear hobbing tool-holder for endless screw
  • Sliding steady rest module
  • Capto tool-holders
  • MTSK Quick change tool system
  • Special static and driven tool-holders

MT Marchetti – Main target industries 

  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Machining shopMT Marchetti - Mori turret 54 tools
  • Military
  • Oil & Gas
  • Turnery
  • University (Applied Technology Departments)

MT Marchetti  – Competitive advantages

  • High cutting capacity and precision
  • Innovation
  • Just in time delivery
  • Know-how and experience
  • Quality of the product
  • Two Years of warranty
  • Worldwide Technical Support

M.T. Marchetti – Head office
Via Casino Albini 480
47842 – San Giovanni in Marignano (RN) – Italy
Phone: +39 0541 956034