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Last promotional events of 2014: the year ends with positive results for our companies

Positive results obtained from the performance of the November consortium fairs: SPS Nuremberg, SWISSTECH and PRODEX Basel.

First time participation at SPS of TELCOMEC and TELECOFRENI; they had the opportunity to introduce themselves to a new audience and make contacts for the first time. MECVEL, on the other hand, is always at the Nuremberg fair.
The group of subcontracting companies participated in the SWISSTECH fair with Excellent results. MILLTECH and LAMIPRESS attended for the 2nd year; they consolidated contacts and got several orders from major Swiss and northern European manufacturers; OPTO 5 got its first opportunity for visibility at the fair with some positive feedback. The member company CABLOTECH recorded a more than satisfactory number of visitors for a total of 95 contacts, including 43 from Switzerland, 9 from Germany, 12 from Italy, 2 from Holland, one from Lithuania, 24 from Hungary, one from Finland, two from Liechtenstein, and one from Denmark.
The PRODEX fair, an exhibition of machine tools, equipment, and accessories, went on at the same times as the SWISSTECH fair; TOP AUTOMATION attended PRODEX with positive results and has been following this market with great interest for some time with very positive business results.
Through these companies, CAMSER promoted the entire associated base with online promotional campaigns and by distributing suitable consortium brochures and catalogs.

Swisstech Camser members