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Sassatelli presents the Straightening Unit for shafts, pipes and different metal sections

This machine was developed and designed to solve problems regarding the straightening of metal sections of various types and sizes, for example recirculating ball screws, electric motor shafts, threaded rods, transmission axles and shafts, camshafts, screw conveyors and beams.
Sassatelli - Straightening Unit for shaftsWith this unit you can straighten raw, semi-finished or finished bar pieces, before or after heat treatment, with centesimal tolerance, and in a practical and fast way.
Differently from a press, where the workpiece must be moved to control the straightening, the straightening unit is equipped with a dial gauge that can move across the whole surface of the workpiece.
The workpiece is supported by a pair of tailstocks in the case it’s hollow or has the appropriate center holes or by two roller supports if the workpiece is solid or without center holes.
The RDAT 300-600-1200P models work exclusively with compressed air.
All models are powered with 6+8 bar compressed air and do not require electrical connections.
The models are from 9 to 75 metric tons and have a hydropneumatic drive, the thrust is exerted by a booster pressure pump with pneumatic motor with pressure up to 700 BAR.
In all models, you can easily adjust the thrust force for straightening thanks to special valves that can increase or decrease the pressure.

For more information please contact Sassatelli company.