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Traditional Year-end Meeting: evaluation of achieved results and definition of future activities.

As per tradition, CAMSER Consortium held a year-end shareholders’ meeting.
This year’s meeting was attended by Dr. Marco Spinedi – Asia Observatory Scientific Committee and member of A+Network – who spoke on “International Economic scenarios in times of uncertainty: prospects for SMEs”.
Some councilors and the organizational contact for CAMSER gave speeches, following which important activities to be pursued in 2015 were approved as follows:

  • SUPPLY CHAINS FOR EMERGING MARKET NICHES PROJECT: enlarge end markets through focus and integration. Start a work program that will involve businesses interested in promoting packages of products/services for emerging and prospective niche markets.
  • THE WEB FOR INTERNATIONAL VISIBILITY: the positive effects of constant, enlarged and integrated communication. Online promotion activities will continue with consortium campaigns on social media, publications on consortium blogs and SEO on the site.
  • CONSORTIUM ACCREDITATION: an opportunity to improve and grow. The work to obtain “advanced level” accreditation will start soon, as required by the Emilia Romagna region in order to get future regional funding.
  • BUSINESS IDEAS: discussion and exchange within the consortium is crucial for the development of new projects and the acquisition of international opportunities. The consortium will keep working harder to encourage greater participation and involvement by its associated base.

We thank the attending Members for their constructive participation and contribution.

camser meeting 12_10_2014