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An important event to celebrate the success of the member company MT MARCHETTI, leader in the production of rotary modules for CNC lathes, took place in Cattolica on 8 May 2015.
This company, which has worked with commitment and by making sacrifices since 1972, with significant growth results to show today, has a model history which we should follow and turn to in order to rediscover faith and a positive attitude during this time of difficulty for our economy.
The event took place at the prestigious offices of the company. Many were invited, including important people representing the Institutions in our local area: Ms Palma Costi from the Council Department for Manufacturing Activities of the Region of Emilia Romagna, the Mayor of San Giovanni in Marignano, Daniele Morelli, as well as two members of parliament, MP Pizzolante and MP Arlotti.


Guests were taken on a tour of the 9000 m2 plant, where the various production departments and the new machines introduced recently to meet the growing requirements of the international market were presented to them (8 machines, including multitasking lathes, 5-axis machining centres, 3 3-D measuring machines, etc.). The company’s data was then presented in the adjacent conference room and the prestigious guests made their presentations.
The company has constantly invested in research and innovation over the years, and has filed many patents.
Important collaboration projects are currently underway with the University and with other sector enterprises. Building work is in progress for a research and development centre in Castelvetro di Modena, with the placement of young research engineers who will work on developing new products.
Passion for work, faith in innovation, the attitude to invest in corporate development and in the growth of the local area, are a good example and certainly a model which we should support.
We will just quote a few figures which were presented during the event and which confirm the company’s success:
After the big reduction due to the 2009 crisis, the turnover has risen continuously to the 13.5 Mio Euro in 2014, with a 30% increase already observed in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same quarter in 2014. 62% of the 2014 turnover was focused on export.
Employment has risen constantly: from 47 staff members in 2009, to 87 staff members in 2014.
A range of more than 5,500 different configurations to cover all machining needs and the possibility to deliver solutions customized according to customer’s demand. All the range is available in stock and can be delivered to the customers in 24/48 hours.
Certified rating class: AAA
Some images of MT products:

MT-Marchetti rotary modules for CNC lathes

A deputation of officials from the Consortium took part in the event to congratulate the owner, Mr Terenzio Marchetti, and the employees of the company on this great corporate success.

CAMSER deputation of officials