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Case Study: how MARPOL FR has succeeded in meeting the demands of the US band saw market


Today we are presenting the success story of the company MARPOL FR, which is specialised in the design and production of small- and medium-sized high-performance Band saws, Industrial grinders and other finishing machines.


Fig. 1 – MARPOL FR: Main product groups

In summary, the success story shows how crucial the capacity to design revolutionary and customised band saws has been in effectively meeting the demands of the US market.

Specifically, the solution developed by MARPOL FR ensures an extremely high level of satisfaction both for the end user (who has received a band saw with a greater cutting force that is more efficient and even safer) and for the distributor, who can meet the most diverse customer requests with just a single band saw, thereby cutting down on investment into product inventories.

We are here with Gabriele Cati (MARPOL FR Partner), who we wish to thank and to whom we will ask a few questions in order to understand in greater detail the key elements which urged American customers to choose the solution developed by MARPOL FR.

What were the challenges to be faced?

The customers of our American distributor were complaining about the fact that there were no band saws able, in a single product, to meet the various power needs and to resolve start-up difficulties caused by possible disfunctions in the voltage due to the high temperature inversions in the various market areas. Use of this type of machine is in fact widespread and diverse: usage for industrial purposes and repairs, on farms and also for domestic purposes in areas which are often isolated and far away from centres. In order to fully understand the needs of the American end users, it is worth our while to provide a brief introduction on the specificities of their market.

Voltage is single phase 110 Volt or three phase 230 Volt with frequency of 60 Hertz.

In order to meet the various cutting needs, MARPOL FR provided 3 types of machines:

  1. single phase 110 Volt 60 Hertz band saws;
  2. single phase 230 Volt 60 Hz band saws;
  3. three phase 230 Volt 60 Hz band saws.

Therefore, our American distributor had to invest in a range of three products in order to meet the different needs of the customers. Despite the range of solutions available, the end user complained about difficulties starting up the machines in harsh climates, which then had repercussions on the performance of final cuts. For these reasons, there was a downturn in sales on the American market. In order to satisfy the customer, MARPOL FR therefore began to study a more efficient and higher performance solution able to meet the needs of the end user and which, at the same time, would cut investment in product inventories for the end user.

What were the main criticalities to be resolved?

The main criticalities that MARPOL FR had to deal with and resolve can be summarised as follows:

  1. To resolve the problem of difficult start-up in harsh climates, bringing the blade rotation to the level required to provide the cutting force needed in the most diverse cutting situations;
  2. To provide for any power surges in the different areas of the USA, by supplying a variable cutting force;
  3. To cut down on supplier investment into product inventories;
  4. To increase the sales potential of the product.

So which solutions did you offer and what factors enabled MARPOL FR to meet the demands of the American market?

In order to resolve these critical issues and adequately meet the demands of the American clientele, MARPOL FR designed a revolutionary and unique band saw Marpol band saw control panel(operating at 110V single phase), equipped with a three-phase motor (designed and developed in-house) and fitted with a single-phase mini-inverter which allows you to adjust the speed on ten positions, thus providing a kind of useful and effective “acceleration ramp” in all climatic conditions, both during start-up and in the cutting phase. Moreover, the machine was fitted with a LED which signals power absorption and acts as a guide when managing the cutting force, suggesting whether to stop or increase the power force, for much more consistent and efficient activity (uninterrupted cutting). In addition to this, this new band saw was devised to increase safety. Under critical conditions, the mini-inverter actually blocks the blade and switches the machine off to protect the motor.  MARPOL FR focused on designing a band saw operating at 110V single phase, because this is the voltage our potential customers are supplied with (household voltage), whereas the same cannot be said for voltage of 230V. In this way MARPOL FR placed the distributor in a position to meet even the most discerning of customers in terms of cutting force, even where three-phase 230V voltage was not present.

Marpol-band saw

In summary, the improved technical performance of the machine, together with the reduced inventory of band saws required to satisfy the market (just one machine meeting the same requirements as the three previously provided by Marpol) and increased market coverage potential, enabled MARPOL FR to give a positive response to its distributor and to preside over the American market by envisaging interesting growth prospects for its own business.

What are the benefits offered by the new MARPOL FR band saw? 

The main benefits of the innovative new product introduced by MARPOL FR can be summarised as follows: Marpol-band saw 3


  • Reduced investment in inventories (just one product has to be bought to meet market demand, instead of three);
  • Increased market coverage potential thanks to the flexibility of the new band saw and to the fact that it has high power output levels with just 110 Volt single phase (household voltage); 


  1. Greater cutting power;
  2. Cutting speed adjustment no longer on two, but ten positions;
  3. Increased safety;
  4. Greater cutting efficiency thanks to the innovative manual cutting warning device, which enables consistent cutting without stopping and therefore also protects the tool.

What are the distinctive characteristics of MARPOL FR in general?

MARPOL FR has been committed to researching, studying and developing small- and medium-sized high-performance Band saws, Industrial grinders and other finishing machines since 1973, ensuring greater reliability over time.

The signature features of MARPOL FR can be summarised as follows:

  1. Flexibility in meeting customer requirements – Technical capabilitiesCompetitive Advantages
  2. Continual innovation (the company has designed and manufactured more than 100 machine models to date)
  3. An extensive range of products and services (Band saws and cutting-off machines, Grinders and other finishing machines, other complementary products and third party mechanical machining work);
  4. Financial soundness;
  5. Flexibility for production volumes (no minimum order required);
  6. Fast and timely direct assistance;
  7. Presence on international markets with own brand products and with products trademarked by distributors;
  8. Customised technical solutions;
  9. Lightness of the band saws, which are made entirely of aluminium. 

In summary, what are the main strengths of MARPOL FR? 

The main strengths of MARPOL FR are:

1. Long-standing experience gained in many industrial sectors;
2. An extensive and versatile range of products and services (Band saws and cutting-off machines, Grinders and other finishing machines, other complementary products and third party mechanical machining);
3. Customer service:

  • Compact packaging optimised for transportation and international shipments. (E.g. Pallets for 4, 10 or 25 machines depending on the model);
  • Spare parts available in the warehouse with fast deliveries all over the world;
  • Timely technical assistance;
  • Customised technical solutions;
  •  Specific technical product training for distributors and partners on the company premises.

4. In-house design and development of extremely high quality, entirely Italian-made motors (brush and induction motors).

These are the winning characteristics to which MARPOL FR has always dedicated the utmost attention, meeting and consolidating leading positions in the market over time and establishing profitable and long-lasting relations worldwide with leading enterprises in the various industrial sectors.

Write to us for more information or contact Gabriele Cati of MARPOL FRdirectly.