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Discovering the Sassatelli back spot facing tool


Tool for the spot-facing and shim adjustment of the hole that cannot be accessed with the traditional systems.
The Sassatelli spot facing tool can be used on any drilling machine and is supplied with an HSS tool, but also, on demand, with a hard metal tool and with suitable sharpening for working on different materials.SASSATELLI BACK SPOT FACING TOOL
All tools can be easily re-sharpened.
Differently from the products actually on the market, the Sassatelli spot facing tool has the advantage of turn in only one direction without rotation changes, which blocks shavings from getting stuck in the hole of the tool.
The spot facing tool is equipped with a metal ring, which allows for easy depth of work setting.
The tool is equipped with a Weldon attack, but it can also be equipped with a Morse Taper attack.



  • Set the depth, unscrewing the nut and raising or lowering the spindle unit;
  • When the right depth has been reached for the thickness of the work piece, screw back on the metal ring, blocking the spindle unit;
  • Start the machine, letting the rod inside the hole.

When the appropriate bush will rest on the work piece still rotating in the same direction and advancing, the tool will come out from the rod up to the set position, performing the requested spot-facing job.

Reverse the direction of advancement to pull the tool out, which by means of a spring will let the tool back into the rod.